Cases listed in public records indicate charges or actions have been filed in the court clerks office.

The cases may or may not have gone to court or been settled.
Note: Abbreviations will be used in the records when feasible to conserve space.
Abbreviations that will be usedare:
Assistant District Attorney;
APC-Actual physical control;
AWD-Assault with a dangerous weapon;
CDS-Controlled drug substance;
EDO-Emergency detention order;
DUI-Driving and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating beverage;
DUR-Driving and operating a motor vehicle while driver’s icense is under revocation;
DUS-Driving and operating a motor vehicle while license is under suspension;
DWl-Driving and operating a motor vehicle while impaired; FKA-Formerly known as;
FTA-Failure to appear in court;
FTP-Failure to pay fines and cost;
FTWSB- Failure to wear seat belt;
FSGI – First Security Group, Inc.
FSGI – Fail to Stop and Give Information (legal term)
NCSO-Nowata County Sheriffs Office;
NCJ-Nowata CountyJail;
OIDS-Oklahoma Indigent Defense System;
OR-Own recognizance;
PI-Public intoxication;
PO-Protective order;
PFD-Proper flotation device;
TOC-Transportation of an open container of intoxicating beverage.

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