Arrested for drunk driving in Minnesota (MN)

If you are drunk and driving in the state of Minnesota and you are pulled over, you could possibly be charged with two types of offenses.
To stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime.

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Arrest Records DUI - Kanabec County, Minnesota

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Peter Sarkisyan
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Arrested Sep 02, 2019
• #1 (felony) traffic - first-degree driving while impaired
• #2 (ms) traffic - dwi - operate motor vehicle under influence of controlled substance
Sarkisyan Peter - Kanabec County, MN
Jeremiah Schwarzkopf
Arrest Age 40
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Arrested Oct 26, 2019
• #1 (f) drugs - 5th degree - possess schedule 1,2,3,4 - not small amount marijuana. charge date prior to 8/1/16
• #2 (ms) traffic - careless driving
• #3 (ms) traffic-drivers license-driving after r
Schwarzkopf Jeremiah - Kanabec County, MN
Shawn Solem
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Arrested Feb 13, 2020
• #1 (gmisd) traffic - dwi - refuse to submit to chemical test
Solem Shawn - Kanabec County, MN
Harley Stubbs
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Arrested Nov 01, 2019
• #1 (gm)drugs - 5th degree controlled substance - conviction under subd 2(1) previously not convicted
• #2 (ms)possess/control/manufacture/sell/furnish/dispense/dispose of hypodermic syringes/needles
Stubbs Harley - Kanabec County, MN

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Like most other states, Minnesota sets the maximum “per se” legal BAC at 0.08%. This means that if a driver has a . 08% BAC, there doesn’t need to be any other evidence of impairment to support a DWI conviction.

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  1. I knew Ann Zaleski when she lived in Minneapolis years ago. Too bad she got arrested for drunk driving. She is a very talented media person.

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