Arrested for drunk driving in Missouri (MO)

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Penalties for Drunk Driving in Missouri. A first-time offender faces up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $500.
To stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime.

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6 thoughts on “Arrested for drunk driving in Missouri (MO)”

  1. Unreal!cops lying ??hmm. How does a blood test lie or breathalyzer, THAT’S how you get your conviction in it all,. And then there’s me, who has lost 2 family members to a drunk driver who was gifted ,7 yrs, she had a license even after being a repeat dui. So ONLY WHEN YOU lose a child, parent,sibling ,or your favorite aunt!!! TO A ignorant HUMAN who really by basic human knowledge (in our society) KNOWS you DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, even if you THINK your ok “”ohh I’m Oki can see and pay attention”” then you ram a couple on a Harley head on, then you cry cry and say your so sorrryyy , disgusting! apologizing is insulting! it’s OVER AND DONE. You DON’T UNDERSTAND Unless you have sense, or until your in this eternal grieving club of victims of drunk driving murderers. Personally they should not ever get out of prison which means never drive again, cause you know from a early adolescent age that you don’t drink and drive!! Cops can’t fake your forensics. Your moronic to even think it’s possible. With lawyers and physical evidence of your bac.

    • Hey, it’s your niece Kristen- the numbers I had for you don’t work anymore but I need to get ahold of you ASAP… It’s regarding grandma, er, your mom…. You can email me at I don’t feel comfortable putting my phone number on a random site though. Please ASAP. HOPING YOU SEE THIS SOON


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