Arrested for drunk driving in Tennessee (TN)

Tennessee has mandatory jail time for first time DUI offenders. At a minimum, offenders will get 48 hours in jail, unless your BAC was. 20 or higher, then the minimum is 7 days. However, a first time DUI can give you up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a $350-$1,500 fine.
To stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime.
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27 thoughts on “Arrested for drunk driving in Tennessee (TN)”

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      • This comment makes me laugh too considering it was posted 2 weeks ago and he’s been with me for 2 years this month, and was with his ex wife for 8 years lol so when have you had the opportunity to give him everything unless your his ex wife? Lol

        • Why
          Excuse me he’s in prison as far as I know I been with him for two years I’m Melissa contact me at Melissa a Murray on Facebook from lafollete TN or Williamsburg KY. Is what the fb I use now says

  1. He has a drinking problem, a cheating problem, and is a pathological liar. He is the definition of a covert narcissist but it will take you months to truly figure it out. He hides it well because he has a great superficial persona and has a decent IQ. His EQ is low and he has some serious mental health issues. He truly is a terrible human.

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      • You all are talking bout the man in the photo right? Mark Stamey? I’d like to k when he got with who because I’ve been with him since we lived together in 2021

    • I’m not sure which person you are talking about but it fits David Johnsey perfectly!! And if you catch him in his lies and manipulation you are labeled crazy. Ladies, trust your gut feeling!! If you googled this man like I did you aren’t wrong. He’s charming and funny but an emotionless jerk. He takes advantage of women and you don’t even realize that you’ve been snowed until it’s too late. Run!!!! DO NOT TRUST HIM!!

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  3. I’m the guy who still can’t work because of this misdemeanor turning up in background checks over seven years later, IN ANOTHER STATE.Tennessee’s Secretary of State just got a slap on the wrist for driving drunk.

    Too bad I’m not ‘leet like him, huh?

    But, the picture is pretty horrible isn’t it, noneya?

    Best of luck to you.

    • This is character assassination from the politicized website Quora.

      All lies.

      Oppose Biden’s policies, and get your career prospects ruined and reputation trashed.

      Marxism 101.

  4. Nicholas Woodley is a pathological liar that got a DUI passed out drunk and high and an intersection and was combative with the officers that was able to get it all covered up. Great example for a football at MTSU. Looks like a pattern for that school since they’re covering up another one up for a coach there right now.

    • Thanks for the IP address.

      It was very creative of you finding a recent charge for a Nicholas in TN, then fabricating a story to appear in a Google link?

      Guess what happens now.


      • Actually, pardon if this is for real.

        I just found the report online.

        I’m not that guy. I’ve been here in Vegas for years and though I do have a misdemeanor DUI from Hamilton County, Tennessee from almost a decade ago…I’ve never been arrested for drug use nor had any altercations with police.

        So, I’m going to ask you respectfully to please remove this entry, concerning this guy who actually does have a notable record, is over two decades younger than me, and somehow shares my name.

        I’m trying to get a new job here.

        Do the right thing.

  5. Y’all leave David Lane alone! He might have some issues, but he’s trying and that’s all that matters. God see’s what’s in his heart ❤️. I wish him nothing but the best.

  6. Scottie Leach is still drinking, He was drunk when he hit another car on Sept 23 this year. Revoked license, no ins, left the scene, ….


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