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A Idaho DUI Arrest can be serious!
The laws concerning “drunk driving” have changed radically over recent years. A person arrested today for driving under the influence of alcohol (“DUI”, also referred to as “DWI” or driving while intoxicated) faces complicated criminal procedures and a potentially devastating punishment that can be more severe than a penalty handed down in a felony case.
The punishment in drunk driving cases is set forth by state statute and can be incredibly complex. The basic statute determines the range of possible sentences, with modifications for such things as:
Having a prior conviction within seven years
Speeding 20 mph over the limit
Having a child under 14 in the car
Having a blood alcohol content reading over .20%
Refusing to submit to chemical testing

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DUI Arrest Records - Elmore County, Idaho

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Sheriff Elmore CountyMichael Hollinshead ☏ (208) 587-2100
Address2255 E 8th N
CityMountain Home
State, ZipID 83647-5487
Matthew Peter Maher
Bond: $500
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Arrested Apr 25, 2015
• #1 dui (resident 1st)
Maher Matthew - Elmore County, ID
Juan Luis Martinez Martinez
Bond: $1000
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Arrested Aug 08, 2015
• #1 dui (excessive)
• #2 failure to purchase dl
• #3 transporting liquor open seal
Wesley Dean Mccall
Bond: $300
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Arrested Dec 20, 2014
• #1 dui
• #2 transporting liquor open seal
• #3 no license/invalid
Mccall Wesley - Elmore County, ID
Theresa Lynn Mccarter
Bond: $75000
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Arrested Sep 06, 2019
• #1 dui (resident 2nd)
• #2 children-injury to child
• #3 children-injury to child
• #4 children-injury to child
• #5 transporting liquor open seal
Mccarter Theresa - Elmore County, ID
Jason Lee Mcdonald
Bond: $500
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Arrested Jun 11, 2015
• #1 dui (resident 1st)
Mcdonald Jason - Elmore County, ID
James Kevin Mullen
Bond: $300
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Arrested Jan 30, 2015
• #1 drug paraphernalia-use or possess
• #2 dui (resident 1st)
• #3 controlled substance- possession of
Mullen James - Elmore County, ID
Aaron Phillip Myers
Bond: $500
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Arrested Oct 22, 2019
• #1 dui (resident 1st)
Myers Aaron - Elmore County, ID

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