Arrested for drunk driving in South Carolina (SC)

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Is first offense DUI a felony in South Carolina?
No, a DUI 1st offense is not a felony.
What is the sentence for drunk driving in South Carolina?
For a first offense, the sentence can include a fine of up to $400 and/or imprisonment from 48 hours to 30 days, as well as a six-month driver’s license suspension.

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Sheriff Berkeley CountyS. Duane Lewis ☏ (843) 719-4414
Address223 N Live Oak Dr
CityMoncks Corner
State, ZipSC 29461-4036
Bruno Enrique Xavier
More Information >>>
Arrested Sep 11, 2013
• #1 driving w/o license bw
• #2 failure to maintain proof of insurance in m/v bw
• #3 use of license plate other than for m/v issued bw
Xavier Bruno - Berkeley County, SC

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19 thoughts on “Arrested for drunk driving in South Carolina (SC)”

  1. You’d think that old Katherine Martin Key would have learned a lesson after busting up her own face in 2015. But oh no, she just keeps on boozin’ and cruisin’ and finally got nailed again in 2020. You can bet she’s probably out there right now cruising around with a 0.2+ BAC. Keep an eye out for her and steer clear.

  2. Nuss,Vogel and Flynn.
    A bit suspicious don’t you think that all 3 of you all say something an alcoholic would say. Bad to the bone a little weird how you just randomly know so much of that poor lady Kathryn situation and brought it up randomly as well. Whats even crazier DAVID that happened on your birthday! Were you the other car she hit

  3. What I don’t get is how so many of these losers end up on the list more than once, each time with the same apathetic, idiotic look on their faces. Clearly they didn’t learn their lesson. Their driving privileges should have been permanently revoked after the first offense. These people are all just ticking time bombs, waiting to go off. And how ironic is it that, when a drunk loser runs head on into another vehicle, it’s always the innocent that die and the drunk survives to pose for another mug shot?

  4. Kinda crazy right? I’m the mother of his son and the day our son was born he was arrested for a DUI. It’s definitely not his first offense and it won’t be his last.


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