Arrested for drunk driving in Louisiana (LA)

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DWI DUI arrests are generally misdemeanors, but may be considered a felony DWI where there are two drunks driving prior convictions within 10 years. Like some of the other states, these drunk driving laws are only for drivers age 21 and older. For those under 21 who are accused of drunk driving, the alcohol intoxication legal limit is .02%.
A law enforcement officer can obtain blood test, breath test or urine test and the driver is bound to allow these tests. Refusal to take the test following an arrest shall be admissible in court as consciousness of guilt, and carries with it additional driver’s license consequences and penalties. Upon determination that you meet either of these criteria for a Louisiana DWI arrest, you will be charged with a Louisiana DWI and immediately.
Upon arrest for a Louisiana DWI, there will be two legal proceedings initiated. One is of a criminal nature and the second is of a civil nature.
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5 thoughts on “Arrested for drunk driving in Louisiana (LA)”

  1. You’re missing:
    Brandon Scott Stevens DOB 11/27/2000.
    Arrested 4/16/2020
    • #1 operating a vehicle while intoxicated Underage- 1st offense,
    • #2 no proof of insurance
    • #3 improper lane usage
    • #4 Speeding (1-15mph over limit)
    by SPD officer J. Babers, in Shreveport, Caddo Parish Louisiana.

    Then on 12/27/20 he should have been arrested for
    • #1 speeding (maximum speed limit (30-40mph over the posted 45mph limit )
    • #2 driving under suspension for certain prior
    • #3 operating a vehicle while intoxicated Underage- 2nd offense,
    • #4 no proof of insurance
    • #5 improper lane usage
    • #6 careless operation
    • #7 reckless operation
    When he crashed into Amber Michelle Neal as she was merging onto I-20 from Hearne Avenue. Killing a 44yr old mother of 3 & sole caregiver for her own mother with dementia.
    Instead hid him even getting a damn ticket for any of these violations that call for an immediate arrest! He was hospitalized less than 1 week & on the phone within 3days looking to get a new car & threatening witnesses to “keep their mouths shut!”

  2. Pasham Rishikesh Reddy
    He came to US with fake certificates..he is having lot of criminal cases in India Pollice searching for him. please investigate he is a criminal back ground I will give you all the case details.

  3. One of the multiple repeat multiple don’t give a damn about the innocent ciotizens punk want to be thug Chad Ryan Goutierez runs aroun the country growing weed in California, Louisian, Georgia, Mississippi & who knows where else, dealing Fentanyl, Heroin, Steroids, everything & uses all. Never had a real job. Was trained along with his other punk criminal brother Zachary Kent Goutierez who is on the run for criminial warrants for Child Support for 2 kids, one which likely is Chad’s.They were raised byu their drug dealing parents (use that term loosely) Wayne Kent Goutierez who went to Federal prison, & the Ma Parker real behind the scene cri inal sociopath nother Amy E. Howard Crifasi, who keeps fleeing state to state when Wayne Goutierz went down & then Chad Goutierez who she was living with in Metairie. She always throws them under the bus as she does every & anybody she crossed paths with in her pathetic life. using one man after the other to use & disgard , and let her own ex husband and son go to jail & take the fall. She starts whoring with a new man while supposedly in an exclusive relationship with another, taking him for all, they just disappears & does the same to the next sucker. All while runninning the ‘low life white trash family nationwide drug operation. She abandon Chad & Zachary Goutierez when they were kids leaving Wayne to raise. She flees Louisiana to Mississippi to Georgia & now setting up in Wyoming thinking she’s under the radar. this menance to society Chad Goutierez keeps driving drunk & on heroin while on Parole or Probation with Ma Parker Amy Howard Crifasi putting vehile in her name. He’s been arrest about 10 times just in last few years for heroin distribution, probation violations, driving without license, driving drunk, money laundering but keeps bailing out & flee just like momma taught him. He’s now in jail in Oklahome and sued by ex girlfriend for fraud and batterry& Zachary is hiding out in Largo Fl speeding his drug money high on hog instead of supporting hi (well maybe
    Chad’s) kids. Just like ma parker Amy who was screwing her uncle , got pregnant as a teen & went to Texas to abandon that kid & ghot emaciapated at 17 ..then abandon the next one, who was before Chad and Zachary. beware good citizens

  4. I can confirm from personal experience that I was involved with Chad Goutierez, who unfortunately was abusive in our relationship. I then had a relationship with Zachary Goutierez, which also turned out to be problematic as he left me during my pregnancy, similar to his previous behavior with another child. Moreover, their mother, Amy Crifasi (formerly Howard), reportedly had serious issues, including substance abuse problems in her home and inappropriate relationships with significantly younger men.

    • Hi Ms. Anderson. By chance I came across the November 2023 post in regard to I guess mainly Chad Goutierez, but obviously also Zachary Goutierez and Amy ( Howard) Crifasi, and then your january 2024 post. I believe I may have meet you briefly in passing when all three of them at some point around 2014 – 2017 were living together in an apartment in metairie LA, with Zachary Goutierez and Amy Crifasi living there at first, then Chad Goutierez and her. I will just say I was around all three of them in that period somewhat through someone else, but i both observed, would hear them talking and had all confirmed by the people I knew them through. What as said in that first post is just the tip of the iceberg. believe me the two sons,especially Chad, are responsible for all their wrong doings, but they are a product of how they were raised, and I use the term raised only a a figure if speech, because she basically abandoned them, in and out theirlives at her convenience. I am sure you know they have an older brother Ashton, who consideringhis ‘maw’ dumped him on the State in a group home the first five years of his life, and only took him ou, though not permanently, when she married Zachary and Chad’s father. She was too busy drugging, drinking and whoring. it’s fairly confirmed that she was partying and screwing her uncle, her mother’s brother who was good bit younger than her mother, and got pregnant from him around 16. Her father whose parents are from Texas took her there I believe to both keep it secret, but also to give that child up to the State also (Texas) because laws were different. Its a fact her Social Security card was issue when she was 16 and at office in Texas. At some point she came back, without her child of course, and incorigible and one bad child so her parents didn’t want to be liable for an inevitable disaster she would cause them, so they let her drop out of school before finishing 10th grade and agreed to let her be legally Emancipated when she was 17, which made her legally an adult and took their responsibility away from her ‘lifetime of a hurricane of destruction to every and anyone who crosses path with her’, with of course those closet, family and husband/boyfirends by far getting the burnt of it. She has a lifetime pattern of jumping from one husband or supposed exclusive boyfriend, and while making the guy thinking they are still in it, she starts screwinganother guy who is told nothing but lies like the ones before how terrible he is, and totally not as norma lrelationships go, usually start arguing/fighting and over time leading to an expected break up, she literally ‘abandons the guy without a word & moves straight in with the next ‘victim’. She is the ‘ Queen of Manipulation’ and the type we all know, that ‘Crazy Bitch’. She files false restraining orders, sometime charges and maliciously slanders the poor guys, and in some case caused them serious legal problems all based on her ‘poor me’ manipulative Academy Award acting, with the new sucker falling right into her trap.She is truly evil and dangerous. I know for a fact she conspired with Zachary to let her take a secretive illegal DNA test of his first child to hpoe to find out not his kid so he wouldnt be forced to pay child support. I wouldn’t put it past her and zachary to have done that with you and his child. Like maw like son, with her involvement, had Zachary flee to Largo, Florida to aviod Court ordered child support. The LA Social Services has him on their list ‘of those charged with criminal non payment with warrants out’ for them/him. You can google his name and their are sights that give the exact address. And Mr. Lady Beater Chad Goutierez who has violated several jurisdictions Probation terms and keeps driving around loaded with out a license,with another arrest for that in Mena Arkansas which is is on probation and paying fines, but has pending serious criminal charges for beating the crap out of his most recent girlfriend in Oklahoma, where she is from, just over the line from Arkansas, and she sued him Civily for monetary damages. Word is he had massive weed growing in the major mountainous woods area that is split bynArkansa and Oklahoma. In his fake cockyness he actually posted several photos on his Facebook with rows of hot houses with the plants. And words is ‘momma boss lady Amy’ who, did as she does, abandon first guy she meets when she fled to Georgia from Metairie, moving right in with him, right form guy in Morgan City LA she moved in right with from, after abandoning and viciously slandering, and also n told best guy she ever met when she lived in Metairie, living her wake of destruction behind her sick self….was involved with him running drugs to Louisian, Georgia and several states, and with her throwing him under the bus when he got caught and supposedly fled to Caspe Wyoming…and guess what, moved right in with her guy she lived with in Georgia, him and her friend who lived near them. Not totally confirm, but told Zachary also involved, with them getting drugs to him and he sells in Florida because he lives good with no job. He incorporated a sham car detail business but only address is his apartment in high rise. He could have easily paid his child support. Dont know if he owes you, but is address is there to get and Louisiana would luv that info and have Florida law enforcement pick him up. And they’ll keep him in jail until he has ‘mastermind crazy bitch ring leader get the cash she’s been stashing for him and pay for his children . Sad. good luck. I do have a question. Though wouldnt surprise anyone he was screwing guys young enough to be her kids, she would have been doing so while she was literally engaged with th nice man when she lived in metairie. I , because of who i know, suspected so, because she would tell people how Chad would have bunch of friends over there all the time getting loaded, and with her. So likey those were those guys. What a slut. From others and what I have sumised, and know for fact she’s had phyciatric help since a teenager, but she doesn’t have a mental condition..worse a personalty disorder, which is simply a far fom normal range of personalities vast majority of people have, and cant be treated, like a Sociopath, Pychopath. Supposedly she has Boderline Personality, which mostly are females and pychiatrist say they cant be helped and warned people dont get involved with them because they are malicious manipulating evil destructive people, and I read a big trait is they are very promiscuous which fits her, but they aren’t for sack of sex but in their warped mind, they use it as a means of control. Good luck with all.


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