Arrested for drunk driving in Oregon (OR)

How long do you go to jail for a DUI in Oregon?

A jail sentence for a first offense can range from two days to one year. If the judge orders communities service, it must be at least 80 but no more than 250 hours.
For most first-offense DUI Is, the minimum fine is $1,000, plus a $255 conviction fee. However, if your BAC was. 15% or more within two hours of driving, your fine will be at least $2,000.

What are the potential consequences of being arrested for drunk driving in Oregon?

Being arrested for drunk driving in Oregon can lead to serious consequences. If convicted, you may face penalties such as license suspension, fines, mandatory alcohol treatment programs, probation, and even jail time. The severity of the penalties depends on factors like your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and any previous DUI convictions. It is crucial to consult with a legal professional to understand your rights and navigate the legal process effectively.

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Sheriff Yamhill CountyTim Svenson ☏ (503) 434-7350
Address535 NE 5th St Rm 143
State, ZipOR 97128-4504
Ryan Nicholas Katsumi Ishihara
More Information >>>
Arrested Dec 21, 2019
• #1 driving under the influence of intoxicants
• #2 assault in the fourth degree
Ishihara Ryan - Yamhill County, OR

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    • Well hopefully he learns eventually. I don’t ever want to do that shit again. Took 1yr to go to trail for it witness lied about, found micrograms of stuff in system, had a breathalyzer for 9 months and 3 months of classes and year suspension. Not fun at all, plus covid happened so didn’t need to pay off the rest of my fines lol just saying from 1st offender, hope he eventually learns. Prayers to you

  1. Corvallis Police Department


    DUII: 3:44 a.m., Northwest Harrison Boulevard and Northwest 10th Street. An officer arrested Cassandra Purwada, 21, of Corvallis, for charges of DUII and reckless driving after she reportedly crashed into a parked car so hard that the struck vehicle moved over a curb and slid into three other vehicles. Purwada’s blood alcohol content was reportedly 0.14 percent.


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