Brantley County | Arrests (GA)

Brantley County Sheriff’s Office Contact Information: Tip Line: 912-462-TIPS (8477) Email: Brantley County Jail Information: Rules for Visitation and general jail information Jail Administrator: Jason Bohannan (Email: Brantley County Jail Records: Access to current inmate mugshots Information on recent arrests within the last 24 hours Inmate listings by arrest date Comprehensive offender index … Read more

DUI Suspect Arrested in Pacifica After Vehicle Crash

In Pacifica, California, authorities apprehended a suspect named Guadalupe Linette Barba, aged 25, in relation to a DUI incident that involved a vehicle collision. Pacifica Police Department reported that Barba was arrested on suspicion of DUI. The incident occurred on Wednesday at around 9:26 p.m. Emergency services, including police officers and the North County Fire … Read more

1 dead in fiery NC crash

On Friday night, a deadly car crash occurred in Greensboro, North Carolina, resulting in the death of Raulo Jacquet Sanders, 32, of Browns Summit. According to the Greensboro Police Department, Sanders was driving north on Huffine Mill Road when another driver turned left onto Huffine Mill Road from Penry Road, causing a collision at the … Read more

DUI crash

23-year-old Tierra Richardson was arrested on suspicion of an accident and reckless driving resulting in death and significant bodily injury, as a result of an accident on Fort Apache Road north of Sahara Avenue on Thursday, November 24. Tiffany Price died from her injuries. Two minor passengers went to Summerlin Hospital with reports of minor … Read more


Cases listed in public records indicate charges or actions have been filed in the court clerks office. The cases may or may not have gone to court or been settled. Note: Abbreviations will be used in the records when feasible to conserve space. Abbreviations that will be usedare: Assistant District Attorney; APC-Actual physical control; AWD-Assault … Read more

ARIZONA DUI: out of state

Many out of state visitors are arrested for DUI in Arizona. Your Arizona DUI can result in a license suspension in your state. Your Situation: So you came to Arizona on vacation or on business. You never intended to drink and drive, but now you find yourself back in your home State staring at a … Read more

Felony DUI in California

As a California DUI offender, you will be facing either a misdemeanor or a felony DUI charge. Typically, first and even subsequent DUI offenders are charged with misdemeanors however there are chances that even on a first time dui offense, you could be charged with a felony DUI conviction. Whether or not you could be facing … Read more

California DUI Criminal Process

Once you are arrested for driving under the influence in California, you will have to go through two separate processes, the DMV hearing process and the criminal court process. Both processes are equally important but separate of one another and it is imperative that you have a reputable California DUI Lawyer to represent you for … Read more

Drunk Driving Arrest

After the arrest, the officer immediately sends copy of the documents to the DMV. These documents include notice of suspension or revocation form, the driver license and a sworn report. DMV in a review examines the report, suspension ore revocation order and test results. If the review finds that the suspension or revocation order was … Read more

The Heartache Of Illegal Drinking

People become DUI victims when someone they love was injured or killed by a drunken driver or the person who himself has suffered a lot due to any injury caused by the drunken driver. Sometimes a drunken driver himself has to face the cruel reality after the injury. Not all victims of drunk drivers are killed. Many survive the crashes, but for some their lives are changed forever. The pain of the families that had to bury loved ones due to drunk drivers can not be described. Many of them become handicapped, they have had to learn how to eat, walk which took months. Some of them spend their lives in Comas; those who lost their lives leave their family with a pain which kills them each and every moment.   Practical information to help you stop drinking, and improve your life.